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Jokes by Robert Palmer

Adam and Eve

Question: Where did sin come from?
Answer: From the apple sauce!

To get the joke think of the word "Source", the origin of things.

Pope Jokes

Poems by Robert Palmer

Techno Friend

Computers make our lives fast
Yet they will not forever last
Phones make our lives quick
Yet they cannot halt the clocks tick
Tablets make our lives cool
Yet they cannot time fool
What do we have at the end?
If we have never made a friend
God also would like to join your list
If you force him out you would be missed
Say G’day to God every day
Then have fun with your technical play

Too Deep

Is your sin too deep to forgive?
Jesus reached below that you should live!

Is your life to dark to see?
Jesus is the shining light that we can’t be!

Is your prayer to soft to hear?
Jesus is a listening ear!

Teach us Lord

Children should be taught to love
Not others push and shove
Men should be taught respect
Not others lives to wreck
Kindness should be our mark
God’s inner peace should be our spark
When evil arrises in our land
Pray that God will take a stand
Forgive the sins of our hearts
Heal all rifts that break apart
Give us wisdom give us grace
As difficulties we do face

His Works

Greater works than mine Jesus said we shall do
Things not seen yet in this time when we pray to you
Lord lead us in your word to do the greater deeds
Bringing glory to you planting heavenly seeds

Walk with us Lord as we go
Your life Oh Lord to fully show
Hell beneath will not have victory
As you Lord set the captives free

Lord you healed the blind, deaf, and lame
Make this a part of our message again
Entrust us with your Holy light
Give us true heavenly insight

Your word is truth men must know
Before they slide to hell below
Turn our hearts, change our way
Least in our sin lives we do stay

Power flow from his word
Touch the sick, although it sounds absurd
The bible declares you healed and whole
Have faith in God or let faith grow

No Thief is He

God is a God who heals
He does not steal
He gives to those in need
The hungry he does feed

He gives the lonely a place
He brings joy to their face
He keeps us back from harm
He holds us in his arm

He seeks those who would follow
To bring life where it’s hollow
Asking us to be a voice for good
To heal, help, and listen to the misunderstood

Looking for the Lost Sheep

Jesus searches for the lost ones
Reaches the needy sons
His hand extends to the sinking
He lifts the distressed in their thinking
He reaches out to the torn
He heals those who mourn

Heavenly Dad

God is the one who gives
He is he who forgives
God would have us always care
Always hope not have despair
The greatest victory
Is one where inside your free
It’s not how much you own or have
But the joy that come from your heavenly dad
Let your soul rest, and your heart be glad
Do not fight and strive, or be bad
God can bring to you what you need
Do not rush with dangerous speed
Trust him to build and free
Join in prayer both you and me

Equal Under Grace

Call no man teacher, neither father
For there is only one we seek after

We are all equal under grace
As we seek the Saviours face

Ever Learning

God we do not know your way
Yet oh God we long you to display
All we have is what we have heard
What we have seen in your word
Yet if we move off the path
You move our hearts back at last
We know oh God that you are real
Yet in our hearts sin we some times feel
Make us clean as we can be
Make our hearts truly free

Lord you know we doubt not
Yet oh lord we miss the mark a lot
Not that God we seek to sin
But rather our hearts have darkness within
Not wickedness and sinful ways
But rather perfection we don’t display
We call upon you oh God of grace
May we truly see your face

May we not judge and criticise
But rather see people through your eyes
I know oh God you don’t love sin
So oh God come dwell with in
Purify that which causes harm
Give us the strength of your arm

We cry to you oh God be near
Make us free your voice to hear
That every step is led by you
That we see you in all we do

Only then will we be lights
As we receive your sight

God Come Down


God come down
Fill our town

Show us your way
Reach all today

God come down
Fill our town

Do not leave one
without the son

God come down
Fill our town

Men are going to and fro
Yet few of them truly know
Hearts are lost hearts are hurt
Only you can bring new birth
Wash away our guilty stain
Come into our hearts again


Many war and many fight
Yet oh lord this is not right
Some take what is not theirs
Oh God come and take our cares
Others cry when no one knows
Their life on the edge and so it goes


Some in passion some in lust
Make rushed decisions lacking trust
Children born to broken homes
If only they were not alone
God provides and God does give
If only men could to him live

Join to Us

God make us one with you
Joined to you in all we do
You weep that man forgets your way
You long for him true love to display
Your spirit draws us with mercy great
Towards heaven eternal gate
Some times our heart doth wrathfully move
when man the wounds do not sooth
Perverting your just way
Spewing forth vulgar display
Yet oh God you reach your hand down
So clean the hearts and clean our town

Warning Bell

Do you hear the warning bell telling you there is a hell
Cut off from life above death fitting you like a glove
Perverts, Murderers, and more this is what you have instore
Fire, pain and Brimstone, tormented terribly all alone
So turn from all your sin and to heaven you will be let in
So do not sin at this time this is where I will end my Rhyme

Once Pushed Around

Once pushed around every day a different mood
Even though the cross before me stood
Beckoning me to live with strength for each day
Yet not once did it my life display
Timid weak, filled with doubt
I would often yell and shout
But it was my pain that kept me there
Until Jesus drew me near
Still not perfect, but stronger now
I received the cross that is how
My life moved towards a greater joy
No longer did I with sin toy
Freed from the bondage to fear and doubt
Now by grace I live it out
I would have it no other way
For Jesus gives me life, and love each day

The Bible

God’s word is true it does not alter
He is with us even when we falter
His power does not change
Even when we do wane
Not by works that we have done
But by access to His son
The blood of Christ surrounding thee
Has the power to set the captive free
For liberty He died in your place
So that you could live by grace
His power given to you
Changing your heart making you new
Yet we do not make it on our own
We live by the words that he has shown
Forgiveness for our weakened heart
Growing in love, not drawn apart
We cannot say we earned our way
Yet Jesus in the tomb did not stay
Help us God, this is my prayer
Take us from the tomb get us out of there
Your word tells us by faith we stand
Everything is a gift from your hand
Yet let us not fall into sin
Dwell with in us, dwell with in

The Grief Thief

Grief once had a hold of me
Pain held onto me tightly

Anger then burst from my soul
A complaint that I would never be whole

Confusion attacked my life
All I knew was strife

Sin knocked on my door
I could not take it any more

Yet God heard my desperate cry
He dried every tear from my eye

Now I experience liberty
Truly knowing what it is to be free

His Plans

God is great, God is true
He has good plans for you

Where ever you dwell
He will fill your inner well

A stream shall flow giving life
Healing for the nations, ending strife

Reach up high
To Him draw nigh

His hand beacons “Come to Me”
He will give birth to victory


He restores hope to all
He helps them stand tall

He give assistance to the poor
He helps them gain more

He trains the weak
Helping them to speak

He finds the best in all
Helping them to not fall

He loves kindly every man
He helps them be the best they can

God does all these things for those he has made
Even when their hearts have strayed

Take some time to say a prayer
He will surely be with you near

The Curse

Do you ever wonder why,
God his son did crucify
It should be plain to see,
he did it for you and me
It was God come as a man,
to increase our life span
To take our guilt, sin and shame,
He came to take the blame
God paid for what we had done,
he came to make us with Him one
He took the curse,
and even worse
So we could walk blessed and free,
no longer feeling guilty
God displayed his love while we were still in sin, he came to live within
He says to us even this day,
just my love you display

God of Purpose

God of purpose, God of grace
Help us find your resting place
A place of love and service clear
A place no longer filled with fear
No longer torn between the two
Just giving love in all we do
Each one respected for their life
No judgment for the sin of strife
Gods precious child delivered and free
No longer judged by you or me

Make Us One

God of patience, God of peace
Give to us your true release
Free us from the words that bite
From all hate as dark as night
Bring us to the brightness of day
That we may see your loving way
Rise upon us like the sun
Given sight to be together one

The Pure Heart

God is pure God is true
He will be with you in all you do
With sin he does not mess
He does not want us to transgress
He surrounds us with a shield
As to His Spirit we do yield
We know His way is the best
We give up on the rest
Chase what is right,
His law do not spite
Follow faith and trust
It is a must
Pursue love for God and man
And in his presence you will stand
Sit in his peace it will guard your heart
And from his way don’t depart
Flee from lust, and what is dark
Call on the Lord out of a pure heart

Home in the Skies

You will rejoice when you know the truth
God’s love for you will be surely proof
That the days ahead are truly grand
Crafted into His perfect plan
A home awaits in the skies
For the one who His truth does not despise
Even now his love protects
Shield’s you from that which wrecks
The grace that is here will surely grow
As His character we seek to know


Big bang, or the angels sang
Slow change, or intelligently rearrange
Piece by piece, or in one big go
Does anybody care, does anybody know
Well God has shown himself to me
I no longer wonder now that I do see
God made all as quick as he could
So with you and me he should be stood
With us now not far away, to us his love he does display

What He Did for Me

Enter in behind God’s veil;
receive the blessing to be the head and not the tail
Walk hand in hand with those you love,
for they are a gift from above
Be close to God, draw near, draw nigh,
He will lift you up high
God is awesome, God is best,
I say this now for I am blessed
Yet when I walked my own path,
I was down and out, feeling last
Fearful, timid and afraid,
this was the life that I had made
Everything was hard for me,
yet now God has now set me free
I walk confident, assured, and at peace,
blessed of God at the very least
None can know but me I guess,
that you my life have truly blessed

The High Call

Who God is just in your sight
The one who walks by your might
To whom no sin is taken hold
Those in innocence will be before you bold
Do not mess with sin and doubt
Lest before Him you are spewed out
He is merciful, longsuffering, and kind
Return to God to him your heart do bind
Watch and pray and seek His face
Least you fall from the secure place

Tap In

When you seem totally trapped
Into God’s power you can be tapped
When at the rivers edge you stand
Know you can walk through on dry land
When the water seems bitter not sweet
Know that you don’t have to have defeat
God will take you sometimes the hard way
So his power for your help he can display
So do not give in to anger and despair
Know that God will get you out of there


God is interested in you,
not only the selected few
If he can love a man like me,
he can your God be
I did not love God but he saved me,
gave me grace to set me free
Opened my eyes to see the way,
began to bless my every day
Sure I fell when pressure came,
my own life I tried to tame
Yet God did not give up on me,
restored my life made me free
God has done such good for me,
now his love I clearly see
Open up your heart to him,
he will give you victory to win

The Truth about Fiction

God won’t take your life away
Make you sad , give you a debt to pay

Man was made for only good
Yet quite often God is misunderstood

Some say we must submit in fear
Others say with effort we can draw near

Yet God’s heart is clearly good
Freely forgave when on Calvary he stood

He was cursed so we could thrive
Given blessing, peace, and joy while we are alive

Freely choose the way to live
Protected by the boundaries he does give

You can choose either grand or plain
He won’t make your life a pain

Rest now as you seek His face
You are given life, given grace

The Way

Faith is to know the way
And in that way to stay

Trust in God’s word that it is true
And follow it in all we do

To call upon God with clean hands and heart
And from his words to not depart

To reach up to God for earth below
And his love to release and show

To find the place of rest and peace
And his grace to sit beneath

Not to sin, and shout and yell
For that way leads straight to hell

To do what God has said is right
Only then will you be just in his sight

There is grace to cover your sin
In case you slip or struggle within

Yet do not test God with sinful ways
For he will not be with you in those days

Purge your heart, and clean your soul
He will set you apart, make you whole

You can be at the bottom slide to hell
Or because of his love his grace to tell

I have found the high life to be grand
Awesome days are found in his plan

Do not mope, grumble, and complain
Come into his grace again

Slave Driver

The fruit of the Spirit is peace without compare
Yet we have an enemy who would drive us from there
Put heavy chains and burdens of weight
Try to tell us it is our fate
Drive us mad to prove our selves to God
Make as walk a path that he has shod
If you feel the pressure to DO, DO, DO
Learn what Christ has done for you
God made us with the free will to choose
He does not make you your choice to loose
Yet call upon God to know his way
So his love you will better display

Study and Learn

Be eager to learn and slow to speak
Rise up early his face to seek
Knowledge comes slowly at first
No in an almighty single burst
Think long and hard consider the way
For Rome was not built in a single day
For how many days have we walked the earth
We have not had many days since birth
Spread out your hands before God
Do not rest until you are one


Have you ever been robbed of peace? Have you ever been taken low?

Then know,

Christ became flesh so he could see
The suffering of you and me

He tasted our loss, his feelings did toss

A prince who has never walked with the low
Will not through his knowledge kindness show

Are you torn, twisted, and bent, is your strength finally spent
Not forever will you toss, neither will you suffer total loss

You are in training like a royal steed
For your suffering the world does need

Glad to Be

Reformer of my soul
Come and make me whole
Revive my life
Free me from all strife
Come near to me
Set me free
We wait upon you
For what can’t you do
You refresh my heart
Give the poor a fresh start
You enliven my soul
Restore my joy where life has taken its toll
I am glad to be your son
May we always be one

The One

You are the bread that feeds us
You teach us where to tread and lead us
You reach down said you’d never leave us
You bleach our sin then bleed for us
Thank you for you love that teaches, reaches, and bleaches

Known but Not Fully

It is a start
But we only know God in part
He is love and care
But we will not know until we get there
Come into God house to hear
He will release you from all fear
Call upon him, hear his voice
Let his will be your choice
Turn from all your sin
And let him in
Rest and peace you will find
For God is gentle, loving, and kind
You can know his way
As you stop to seek and pray

The Feeding

A boy once came to Jesus to help
A few loaves and fishes
Is all he had for dishes
Yet the master took the gift
In his hand in prayer did lift
Soon it multiplied and fed many
Yet he did it with out a penny
The little we have can multiply
As to Jesus we draw nigh

The Provider

You who feed the birds in the trees
You will provide food for me
You who love your children dear
Will bring provision near
Those who have a hungry soul
You will fill and make totally whole
Our eyes look to the LORD
For nations to be restored
The needs of many he can meet
As we worship at his feet
He will rise to assist
Bring peace to the clenched fist
Restore dignity where there is shame
Heal the sick restore the lame
He rules upon his heavenly throne
Imparting grace to his own
Wait patiently for his plan
He can use any man
Seek his mercy and his grace
And he will lift up your face

Restored in the Fire

When stress or pain presses in
When you are tempted to sin
Trust fully in the LORD
And you will be restored
When pressure comes to your side
In his presence reside
Strength you will find
Peace returned in time
Blessing lies ahead
Rest and life instead

Help Others

Go the extra mile
Carry others loads with a smile
Stand up for the oppressed
Pray for them until they are blessed
Do all you can to meet the need
The hungry and naked feed
Lead the lost in Gods way
Do not cease to fervently pray
Look not at the storm so near
Neither look to the problems in fear
God will clam the storm
Peace he will make the norm
Mountains he can move
Rough places he can smooth
He is the hope for man
The whole earth his love does span
If man has failed you
Remember there is nothing God can’t do
Your prayer is to him sweet
He will your needs meet

My Son or Daughter

Who are we?
That you would make us free
We are to you a precious son
That is why you want to make us one
The love for us you did not spare
That is why our burdens you did bear
Longsuffering, merciful and kind
Your love for us endures for all time
I would not cast out my only son
My love for him would go on
In the same way you overlook our fault
Your mercy you do not halt
Man may look at others sin
Yet God you invite them in
Come to God with all your sorrow
He will give you a better tomorrow


Compassion, love, and care
Can the burdens of others bear
Weights of heaviness, and load
Help others bear down their road
Give aid to the weak
With words of kindness speak
Ask God for his touch
He gives us very much
From him flows forgiveness dear
So to him always draw near

Stop Hate

War is not cool trendy and cute
While others you do kill and shoot
Man was made for higher things
Kindness should be on the lips of kings
Don’t teach your sons to murder and kill
The blood of man do not spill
Why take away a life
Destroy a husband, destroy a wife
Build cities, families, and trade
But other nations do not invade

Dear Friend

Look for the best in those you know
Because to others they may go
Find the heart of your friend
So friendship you don’t end
Surrender every hurt, and harm
God will be to you a healing balm
Overlook every fault
Don’t lock people up in a vault
Pray a little every day
And God will take your pain away
He will help show you the way
God is looking for the best in you
Rejoicing over all that you do
Share his love with those you know
To the hurting and needy go

I just Can’t

Nothing is impossible for God you see
That means there is nothing impossible for thee
He says we can,
even as a man
Ask anything and he will do
There is even more power when we ask as two
So join together your hands in prayer
And drive every problem out of there
Nothing again I must repeat
Can keep you in pitiful defeat
All of us can ask and pray
He will show you the way
Your joy he wants to make complete
Just come and sit at his feet
If you asked a lot but failed
Keep it up and you will prevail

The End

One day God will return to earth
Restore his kingdom give it new birth
On that day many will fight
Try to stamp out his holy light
Yet they will not prevail
Be confined to a hellish jail
Turn your heart to Him now
Ready for his coming hour
God is love this I know
It is love that you must show
Do not hate, strive, or fight
Or he will put out your light
Best to stop while you have time
This is where I’ll end this Rhyme


Bless those who curse you
Nurse the needy and weak
With kind words speak
Forgive those who harm
Take on the strength of God’s arm
Remove every negative thought
Remember the words you have been taught
Pray every day
His words say
His love display
We are forgiven as we forgive
In grace and forgiveness live
You are not saved by what you do
You are saved by his grace for you
No work you do can save your soul
Only by grace are you made whole
His love for you keeps you sound
In him a friend I’ve found

The Speaker

You are He who speaks in the night
You are He who speaks in the day
Telling us of your way
Filling us with hope always
Giving light to the one who prays
Promise of good ahead
Giving us perfect rest upon our bed
Knowledge comes forth from your thrown
Blessing those you call your own
Your contentment is great gain
Removing us from all pain
If only man knew the power
Giving rest and peace in this hour
Search down deep, search up high
To his love be brought nigh
Fret not now about what will be lost
What you will gain is greater than the cost
God made you for noble ways
To display his glory for great praise
The sin you lose will soon be forgotten
You will look back on it as totally rotten
Honour, thanks, life and praise
Will be with you all your days
Sharing in God’s nature divine
He will be with you all the time
Sure there is praise that is only for God
But you are the son that he does love
Filled with his Spirit filled with his power
Birthed to move mountains by faith in this hour
Don’t look at the giants so tall
To God they are nothing at all
God made this world, man, and all that’s within,
Nothing can hold you back only let him come in
Not every mountain you see may move
But his word you will certainly prove
Mountains will move, kingdoms will shake
Because faith you do not forsake
Rise up shake off the dust
In him put full trust

The Car

Your life is like a car speeding ahead
Burning life’s rubber with the best of tread
Where you have driven may not have been good
You may have even been in a bad mood
You may have hated, cursed and swore
You may have done abundantly more
Yet tomorrow you can choose the way to go
A new path that you may not yet know
God only looks at the way you now drive
He wants to meet you give you a high five
If you are willing he will partner with you
Show you the best paths, help you in all you do
You can stop anger, cursing and more
Arrive peacefully at heavens door
All of your past no matter how bad
Can’t control the direction to be had
Change your style as soon as you can
Enter into God’s loving plan

Christmas pudding

He was born on Christmas night
To the Shepard’s his coming brought them fright
Yet soon their fear did dissolve
When the son they did behold
A king was born to save our soul
To show us love and make us whole
The years would pass and he would show
The way for us to tread and go
As king alone he could take
The responsibility for our mistake
With resolve he pushed through
Took the penalty for me and you
Crucified for our sin
So his Spirit could enter in
Relationship with God restored
A payment made we could not afford
Mercy displayed for us to see
New hope to set us free
He spared not his only son
So that we could all be one
Given life, he does not withhold
Increased in blessing as we grow old
If you struggle look ahead
He has plans for good instead
Your days are in his hand
Join your self to his band
He loves your ways
He will cherish you all your days
He does not see what you get wrong
He rejoices over you with a song
Rest and peace you will find
Encouragement all the time

Angels Cries

Clear skies, were filled with angles cries
Peace on earth, good will to men
Was the message they did send
Not conflict war and strife
But peace and love bought with a new life
The one born in Bethlehem that night
Came that we might have a future bright
Love, joy, peace, he came to bring
That is why the angels did sing

Bad Boys

How long will I be angry with you?
While grace forsakes your lips
While you cause others to slip
While you promote hate not love
While others you lift yourself above

Every time you hurt another you harm God,
every time you turn your face away
every time you refuse to pray

The sinner stores up wrath
Their prosperity eaten by the moth

Yet even the wicked may turn to God
And receive from his love above

Progressive Dinner

Growth happens slowly at times
This is where I’ll start this Rhyme
Like a seed planted in the ground
We grow as we move around
Life progresses and we change
To some people it may seem strange
Yet for us it is jolly good
For our soul it is like healthy food
Growing stronger every day
This is surely the best way
Nurtured by God’s kind hand
Growing in favour with Him and man
Blessing in this life seems to arise
Then one day we will meet him in the skies
Blessed today and forevermore
Made rich no longer poor

Out of Darkness

There is a way to the light of day
It comes about as we pray
Life given to the one who does seek
Blessing given to even the weak
He loves us tenderly
His life given to set us free
Pain no longer taking hold
Life restored no longer in the cold
All you do is important to him
Open your heart and let him in
Rest you will find for your soul
He will make you totally whole

Born to Win

You are born to win
You are born to be from hurt torn
You are made for love to be displayed
You are created to be cared for not hated
You are birthed for mirth
You are loved from above

Better Days

When you are low this I know
Days will come that are better for you
Days that are bright as the midday sun
Do not worry about what tomorrow may bring
Just lift up your heart and joyfully sing
For God has not given up on love for you
He can help you out no matter what you do
Be still and know the heart of God
Never giving up forgiving with love
He wants you strong in all of your ways
He will be with you all of your days
Rest now and give up on strife
Let his kindness fill your life

My Friend

Hatred births like a snake,
Friendship away it does take
Misunderstanding sneaks up,
With bitterness fills our cup
Not for one day in anger remain
Least on others you put a strain
God is love this I know,
Let his kindness in your life show

The Argument

Why do people argue and complain?
Because they want their will again

Compromise is hard to see
When desire has a hold of thee

Let us be ready for our will to change
So there can be peace again

Yet if you are convinced and sure
You may need to stand a little more

But not with anger, displease and rage
Be ready to forgive, don’t put them in a cage

If you just can’t get along
Pray that God would make you one

The Cleaner

Clean your heart and your soul,
And you will be made whole
Wash your hands in innocence,
And your words do not mince
Clear the way for the poor,
And you will be given more
Goodness polish and shine,
And you will receive the divine
Sweep away any sin,
And to life you will be ushered in

I won’t

Although I can sin I won’t
Although I can fall I don’t
Although I can fail
I’d rather accept the nail
That held your hand back
From disciplining me
Thank you that you have made me free

The Verse

Do you know the way, does your life display the goodness of the LORD. For there is more to know than you can show by walking alone your way. So come with me on bended knee and he will set you free. Like a father to a son, you and he will become one. Rise you up from hell below to a life you did not know. Better days are ahead, removed from sorrow, given greatness instead. Find a way to live this day in the goodness of the LORD. It is not hard to start the journey, and it will last for all eternity. You will find mercy for your need, from the hands that did bleed, Christ crucified for you, that one could become two. So now go to your day, seeking to find a better way, his love and life to display, no longer live in dismay. Be risen up, it’s a start, he will change your longing heart.


A flier flies in the sky,
But he can not get this high.
The door that opens to the Lord
With all his wealth he could not afford.
To be safe on that day,
There is only one way.
Christ alone, he has shown,
With his blood he shall atone.
Now the door is open wide,
So we can be by his side.
So praise the Lord of the Rhyme,
And he will bless you in his time.

In my Shoes

If my skin was blacker than,
the deepest of a sun tan;
would I still receive the praise
that is worthy of my ways.
If I had Asian skin,
would I still be invited in.
So seek the Lord, and his love,
see as he sees above.
Look upon their beating heart,
so we will not be drawn apart.

The Fight

Out of the darkness and into the light, ready for anything, ready for a fight. Then I met someone who turned me around, got me chasing shadows in my mind somehow. Descended to darkness and to despair, so messed up that I did not care. Then into the darkness a ray of light shone, urging me further urging me on. Taken up slowly I found my way, bought nearer to a better day. Yet stumble and trip I missed my step, still getting there but not there yet. Steadfast in heart yet broken down, taken to hell and messed around. Years felt lost, time moves on, changing my heart building a song. How times have changed sorrow now gone, ready for anything ready to move on. Prospered in life and in heart, moving forward just like a fresh start. No longer wandering like a fool, one day soon I will be your tool. Pulling up others from below, showing them love from you that I know. Sensible God, Sensible plan, quietly calling you into his hand. Never give up, never give in, even when you fall into sin. Days are ahead that cannot be known, filled with his touch, filled at his throne. Yet life now completed and full, no longer worried that I may be a fool. Out of the darkness and into the light ready for anything ready for a fight.

The Sand

Water that is crystal clear. Sun reflecting rays of light; even beautiful at night. Fun is to be had by all, building sand castles with a sturdy wall. Watch the water wash it away as we spend the time to stop and play. The beach brings joy to my heart, God made it from the very start. Bringer of joy remind us now, that we are to be like children, careless somehow. Not fighting over who you are, bought near to love, and from sin removed afar.

The Belly

Cake is good for the soul,
But on my gut it takes its toll
Yet it does not bother me,
But troubles my wife you see
It is not healthy is what she would say,
But I just had cake the other day
Don’t tell her I ate it all alone,
When she was not at home
The moral of this story is quite clear,
Only eat cake when the wife is not near

The Seed

Grind the wheat in the mill
Produce flour so with bread their stomachs you may fill
Or place the seed in the ground
That it may grow multiply and abound
But do not lock your seed away
Least it rots and does decay