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Valdres Prophecy?

If you look online there are a few English translations of the Valdres Prophecy, however the authors have not properly referenced the documents, one in particual have added their own thoughts into the prophecy thus changing it's meaning. This may not seem like a big problem, but becasue of the way it is written it actually makes the prophecy appear untrue.

What I have done here is source an original reading by Emanuel Minos of the prophecy with its's transcript in English. I have added nothing to the transcript so as not at add my interpretation to the text.

The video can be viewed on YouTube using https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXlt4p9hF7s

Why is this prophecy important, it is a call to repentance from the sins listed in the bible, before a Nuclear Strike occurs in the current war in Ukraine, hitting the Western Nations like Australia, Japan, Eurpoe, and the USA.

1Co 6:9-11  Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither those who have sex unmarried, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,   nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.  And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. 

Transcript of Valdres Prophecy

I had studied in Oxford
I had been in Oxford at the university for five years, In total i was in Oxford for seven years
Two years studying language and five years at the university
When i got back from my studying in Oxford
I got a calling in Norway that i had never got before
I got a calling from the Norwegian church
And i arrived to a church in a place called Valdres
A value that is incredibly beautiful
I held Mass there
I kept to the scriptures
And it was no prophetic message
But when the preaching was done and the meeting was over
I was standing with the elder of the church of a near village
My wife was also there
Then an old lady approached
She said she was 90 years old
"Do you want to write this down" she said "Cause I have had a vision"
"When Jesus returns"
"And when the third world war breaks out"
So i wrote this vision down
She said "When God reminds you of this"
"Then you shall read this on your meetings"
But when i returned to Oslo
And had read trough the vision
I said to myself, this is to radical, its too extreme
I could never read this on an open meeting
So i put it away in a drawer
This was in 1964
And it stayed there
But then in 1993
I was cleaning out this drawer
And the vision fell out
I looked at it, and much had come to pass
Much had been fulfilled
I said to myself, i will find courage
And read this on a meeting when i speak of Jesus return
And this i have done, and it has attracted allot of attention
After this it has been published in several newspapers
Now i will tell you what she said
"It was like a map was rolled out in front of me"
"I saw it with my natural eyes"
Cause i asked here if she saw it within herself, "no" she said
"I saw it with my natural eyes"
"It was like a map and i saw it with my natural eyes"
"On the map was all of the continents"
"I noticed Europe, Scandinavia and Norway"
"What i was allowed to see was things that should take place before the return of Jesus. And the breakout of the third world war"
The vision is split in four parts, this is the first part.
"Before Jesus returns, And before the third world war breaks out. There will be a calm period"
This was in the time of the cold war
She continued "There will be a long period of peace between the great powers of the world"
"People will make long term plans"
"In our country there will be disarmament"
"And we will once again be unprepared, just as we where in the 9th of April 1940"
"When Hitler and Germany occupied Norway"
"The third world war starts in a way that no one expected. And from a totally unexpected direction"
The second part
"There will be a falling away"
"That does not have any comparison"
"From true and real Christianity"
"Among the believers many will be lukewarm"
"They will no longer be open to examine their believes"
"People will not want to hear about sin and grace, The gospel, repentance"
"A new kind of preaching will take over the pulpit"
"It will be about searching for happiness, success and material gains"
"A kind of prosperity gospel"
"The churches will start to become empty"
"The same with the prayer houses"
"The believers will no longer want to follow Jesus on the narrow path"
"Entertainment, Art and cultural happenings"
"Will take more and more of what before was revival preaching, repentance and need"
This was the second part, Third part
"There will be a moral falling away, such as we have never witnessed before"
"People will be living like married without being married"
At this time there was no concept of this kind of living arrangements, so the old lady expressed herself like this.
"There will be great sin and uncleanness before the marriage "
"And there will be much adultery in the marriages, even in the Christian ones"
"Unnatural sins will also start to spread"
"And this sins will even be accepted in Christian followings"
"Television will play a great part"
"There will be many TV stations" in this time they didn't say channels
"The television will be filled with violence, and the violence will become entertainment"
"This violence that people see on the television will come to form the city's and villages "
"They will also show intimate love scenes"
"The most intimate that belongs to the marriage will be shown openly on the television"
When she said this i objected and told her this is not lawful in Norway
Norway has a law against this kind of thing. And when i said this she raised her voice and shouted
"When this time comes people will no longer follow this law, no one will then care about these things"
Part four
"People from poor country's will pour into the rich country's "
"They will come to Europe, Scandinavia and Norway, there will be many that comes"
"And the people will start to dislike them and threat them harshly" When she said this she started crying.
"They will threat them more and more like the Jews before the second world war"
"When this happens, then the measure of our sins is full" and the war will break out"
"At first it will be a little conflict, an insignificant dispute but it will not end instead it magnifies and spread"
"Finally it escalates into a big war, at the end of this war there is terrible weapons used, among other atomic weapons
"The air, water and earth is poisoned and ruined "
"People from the industrialized country's in America, Europa, Australia, Japan and others will have to flee, they can not stay there"
"They will flee to the poor country's that have escaped the worst, but there the people will not be very happy to receive us"
"In the same way that we where not willing to receive them"
This was the prophecy
I think that some of it has come true , I don't know what you think but i think so.