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The pouring out challenge | Proving God

I wish to instigate a challenge to the Muslim community. Those with a sense of humor, and able and ready for the task. What is the challenge? I wish to have a healing challenge. To prove whether Jesus of the bible or Allah is God.

On one side we will have Muslims chosen by their community. On the other side Christians chosen by me. There will be 100 sick people, 50 assigned to the Muslims, 50 assigned to the Christians. Each of these 100 will have illnesses that have no medical cure.

It is then that the two teams must pray and seek their God for the healing of the group assigned to them only. The God who answers by pouring out healing is the true God.

As a final challenge each team will have two people each who have died, they must be raised from the dead.

The sick people will be assigned by lot to the teams on the day.